5 Ways To Decorate Your Car Parking Door

A large number of home owners undertake home refurbishing work during the festive season to brighten up their home décor. While you are decorating your home don’t forget to decorate your car parking area as well as its door as it occupies a huge portion of your home. Decorating this area can greatly add immense add to the overall aesthetics of your home decoration.

While most people spend a lot of time on decorating their home interiors, they find it difficult to come up with awesome ideas to decorate the car parking area. If you are looking for some pretty and inexpensive ideas, you can consider the ideas mentioned below:

Repaint the area

Car parking painting in Dubai can be a fun task to do. Since the parking area is outside your home you can unleash your creative ideas to create a color scheme of your choice and make the area look attractive. You can choose to paint with different colors and also bit of texture to the wall to make the otherwise boring looking garage standout within your home premise. Make sure that you don’t forget to paint the garage doors. You can involve your children in the painting of the car parking area; it would add more fun to the whole task.

Use decorative canvas

This is another simple yet very creative way to decorate your car parking area. Not to mention they are cheap too. You can simple purchase sheets of canvas from the local stationery store and cut into different sizes and shapes and drape it around the various objects that lie inside and around the garage area. You can also consider painting the canvases and hang it around. Let your imaginations run wild and paint whatever you want after all it is your own car parking painting that you would keep for a long time.

Use Vinyl Decals

Add a bit of color to the festive season and spruce up the holiday mood further by putting up happy holiday stickers outside your parking area to greet the visitors and outsiders. You can also consider putting up stickers of Santa Claus or the ever green tress to add to the festive feeling in the neighborhood.

Use lightings

This is probably one of the easiest ways to decorate the car parking area. You can use strings of multi colored lights around the door and inside to create a playful and festive mood. You can try and play around with creating different shapes and structures with the light strings.

Wrap it up

You can decorate your garage door like a giant gift by wrapping it with a ribbon. Make sure that you use some adornments to make the gift look as pretty as you can.