Mens Wedding Rings – Why?

For thousands and thousands of years men have worn rings. But it was not until the last hundred years or so that wedding rings began to be popular. And really they have become very popular since the beginning of the second world war. Although very common in North America, in Europe not as many men wear them. And in some other cultures they are not worn rings for men, some would say, are now being worn because we live in a more affluent society and we can now afford to purchase two rings or three including the engagement ring.

But it was during the second world war that the practice of wearing a wedding ring really became common. While serving in the war, members of the armed services would wear a ring to remind them of their wife waiting for them back home. Again, the practice continued during the Korean War.

Today, wedding rings are worn by every man, not just those in the military.

Wearing a wedding ring, a man is making a public statement of his fidelity and love and commitment to one woman. For a woman, her wedding ring signifies the same thing. The rings signify a bond that will not be broken.

Although some men refused to wear them, it may be for other reasons rather than the lack of commitment. It may be that they found them too heavy. Or the ring chaffed their finger. Or it may simply be that they are a hazard when the at work.

Interestingly, in some Mediterranean countries, the man is given a special ring at the wedding. It is made up of interlocking pieces that fit together in a certain way and do not make a complete ring until it is on the finger.

For some man a ring is all about diamonds, for other men, not so much. A simple band is all they need or want.