9 BAD habits those are amazingly good for you!

1. Gossiping:

Almost everyone love gossips in any area and it will be mostly a giggle on someone’s outfit on your colleague’s new romance or behavior. The good news is that this gossiping is good for you. Listening to gossips will help to learn about the persons around you and having hilarity with your peers will help your body to release feel-good hormone which in turn helps you relieve from stress, anxiety, etc.

2. Coffee Drinking:

Having coffee in smaller quantity will be good for your health. The caffeine in the coffee has the capability to speed up your metabolism, increases your endurance during workouts, and reduces the risk of kidney and gallstones. A study at Harvard Medical School revealed that women’s who are drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day are less expected to be depressed and also it reduces the age related diabetes.

You should drink coffee in moderation. That is, maximum 3 cups per day.  If you have unlimited amount of this popular drink, then it will affect your health adversely.

3. Swearing:

This should be reserved for crisis with respect to a study at Keele University’s School of Psychology. According to them, swearing can give you short term relief from pain. But if you go for high number of swearing per day, then the lesser the pain relief you will experience. According to University of East Anglia, swearing at work will help the employees to manage stress and to maintain the unity.

4. Skipping a shower:

According to the latest researches, skipping shower here and there will help your body to retain the good bacteria which will protect us from possible diseases. Daily showering also removes the natural oil that is present in your skin which helps our skin to stay hydrated and supple. If you have decided to skip any shower, then do it when you will be away from any vigorous workouts.

Warning: If you are frequently skipping the shower, then you will not win any friends.

5. Lose your temper:

Losing the temper often will not be a very good thing to do in our society and nobody wants to spend time with such person who shouts their mouth off. But according to the latest Swedish study it is found that men who controlled their temper when ill-treated in office doubled their risk of having heart attack.

Actually, expelling your emotions will help you to effectively manage your stress and will make you to feel stress free after that.

Do not try this if you are not feeling to do so.

6. Sunbathing:

You might be thinking that exposure to direct sun light even for a little span of time per day may lead to skin cancer. But this is not true as the recent study in US, revealed that the vitamin D from sun light can help us to keep off colds and flu. In UK, where vitamin D deficiency is more common, public got advise from leading health groups and charities to spend at least 10 minutes in direct sun light per day to avoid rickets.

7. Taking a lie-in:

Don’t worry much about your weekend lie-in. It will actually help you to increase your memory power, decreased stress level, helps you to live longer, etc. Not having recommended lie-in level may lead to accidents, increased risk of heart attacks, etc. Delaying your morning workout for some increased sleep will help your health actually. A study at Brunel University said that early morning heavy workout may compromise your immune system.

8. Respond to your Carvings:

Responding to your junk food carving often will lead to ill effects like obesity, increased fat, heart attack risks etc. But oddly if you allow yourself to accept the junk food carvings, then it will increase your happiness and will reduce your stress level with perfect motivation to stay on track. If you are accept junk foods rarely instead of extreme restrictions, then it will also help you to reduce carvings.

9. Daydreaming:

Many of us may think that it is actually a sign of laziness. But according to University of British Columbia, it is not. It will actually help you in increasing your problem solving capacity. Instead of fixing your mind in routine tasks, if your mind wandered, then the brain parts with respect to the problem solving area got more activated, the study revealed.

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