Portable Heater

Portable electric heaters have become very popular over the last decade. They are available in a variety of sizes prices and are very easy to use. After purchasing a portable electric heater from the store, you can remove it from it’s box, plug it right in, and switch it on! It begins to provide heat almost immediately. These heaters are very popular because they can heat a limited amount of space. In a room where only one person is cold, it can be used to heat up that person’s space, leaving the rest of the room comfortable for everyone else. No more arguing over tempurature of the room! The safety of portable electric heaters have improved greatly in recent years. Manufacturers have included built-in automatic shutoff features and sturdier bases to prevent the heaters from tipping over and causing fires. Many heaters stay comfortable to the touch, preventing young children from burning their fingers. In addition, if you only want to heat one area of your living space, portable electric heaters are much cheaper than heating the whole house and are often much more quiet. All in all, portable electric heaters are inexpensive, easy to use, and provide flexibility. They’re a good choice for both families and singles, as they are beneficial in so many situations.

Portable heaters can be an efficient and inexpensive way to take the chill off of a room, without heating up the entire house. They can be electric or kerosene. One type of portable electric heater has a rotational element that keeps a small room toasty warm on all sides. They are generally safe around pets and children with supervision. A portable heater can be tucked under your desk to keep your feet warm while doing computer work, or in front of your television to warm up your living room while watching television. Look for a heater with a safety, that automatically turns off if it is knocked over. Never leave a portable heater unattended or around flammable items. The portable heater is a great way to warm you up without investing a lot of money. You can take one with you to the garage or outbuildings and have heat without the cost of installing a furnace. Why run the furnace, when you are only sitting in one room? While this won’t keep you warm through the dead of winter- it is perfect on those autumn nights that are just a bit chilly or on an exceptionally cold morning when your feet just need some extra TLC. Portable heaters are a great way to offset the cost of running your furnace, and remaining at a comfortable temperature.

Portable Heaters First and foremost, portable heaters are mainly to add extra heat to a single room or sometimes even just part of one. There are several different varieties of portable heaters each with their own benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider before buying one. The first question is what type of space are you looking to heat? Is it the laundry room that doesn’t have a heat duct? Maybe you’re looking for something to put under your desk at work to help keep your feet and legs warmer; or perhaps you have a medium sized workshop that is too cold in the winter to be usable. Each of these situations requires a different type of heater. There are four main types of portable heaters. First is the electric heater that runs current through coils or wires causing them to emit heat. They may or may not have a small fan attached. These are good for heating a small room as long as there is little or no risk of flammable materials reaching the coils or wires. The second type is a ceramic heater, again this type may come with a small fan to blow the air around. These are good for confined spaces or where only a small amount of heat is needed. Normally the surface of these heaters is protected such that nothing can touch the actual heating element. The third type is and oil-filled heater. These look like the old style radiators. Most are fairly large and generate a good amount of heat. They are good for full room heating. The last choice is a propane mantle heater. These are good for heating places that have no electricity. A word of caution they are not safe in tightly enclosed spaces as they do put off carbon monoxide. They are best used for heating an outdoor area or in tent. If you’re not sure which one is best for your needs talk to the salesperson.

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